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Our beautiful earth is teeming with incredible life forms, especially underwater...much like the theorized hollow earth, it is full of mystery and wonders that have always fascinated me. Life has a very strong meaning if it is lived to the fullest by interacting positively with our surrounding and striving to learn about it. I`ve had the opportunity to meet countless life forms within the more or less 4000+ dives performed around the world from tiny creatures to massive fishes. These incredible experiences have taught me that the variety of life is endless and that almost everything is possible on earth. Often when i brought my students on a coral reef, i was submerged with unending questions about the strange creatures that we observed during our somehow short underwater excursion. Often people are amazed at the thought that extraterrestrial
beings could possibly exist and furthermore that they could display unusual humanoid features but accept the fact that living creatures can range from bacterias to a giant blue whale...For me, an alien is not extraordinary from a biological point of view??? least compared  to some amazing life forms that i have observed. This friendly Mola Mola that i met in Jackson reef in the Red sea in 1992 measured up to 12 feet and displayed extremely unusual features compare to common fishes...and what about the biggest fish in the world, the wonderful "whale shark" that can measure up to 60 feet! Here i`m riding one 35 feet giant at the boarder of Israel in 1994.

A picture can not express the overwhelming feeling that one can get while experiencing such great encounters, it surely feels like being for a moment in another world where all the physical laws and logical thoughts that we are used to vanishes completely.
My point on all of this, is as followed... we should not be narrow minded on a topic that defies the main stream knowledge for the simple fact that we have been taught things in a different way and more or less required to think the way it has to be. For me the hollow earth theory stands as much as the official theory as long as you take the time to study in depht the numerous books and stories related to it. I wish you all a good time as your eyes and thoughts drift through the mysterious hollow earth site.  ENJOY!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.


In Réunion island south of Indian Ocean in December 2016 with my eldest daughter

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