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Impossible Maps 


 The purpose of this section on « impossible maps » is to put in light THE FACT that very well advanced civilizations were prospering on the surface of our planet at least 6000 years ago. Those officially unknowned civilizations had Extremely sophisticated mathematical knowledge such as :

    - A perfect knowledge of the roundness of the earth. 

    - Very accurate measuring devices allowing longitudinal with an accuracy which has only been reached in the second half of the eighteenth century.

    - Unknown means of navigation, strong ships, some experts assert that the extreme accuracy of some maps can only be reached through aerial observation !


    - apparently 4000 BC was more or less the time during which people entered the period of our known civilizations especially in middle east. However, it seems that the entire planet coasts had been mapped as well as the interior of the lands featuring mountain ranges with measurement of their peack...Furthermore, at that time, people were not only great navigators but as well outstanding explorers !


    - These unknown civilizations forwarded part of their knowledge to the great nations of ancient time such as Egyptians. History shows us that sacred knowledge has never been shared among people but rather hidden from us...

    According to Rodney Cluff, owner of the site :
    The lost 10 tribes of Israel escaped to the inner earth and supposedly, their descendants are living there in peace and harmony...As well, where did the Atlanteans and Lemurians escaped and survived? probably in the same spot.

    The purpose of these ancient maps is to show that both the North and South pole were far more accessible 6000 years ago due to the fact that those continents were almost iceless! and furthermore it seems that some nations were technologically advanced.

    Click on each pictures featured below to access each thoroughly  developed documents. ENJOY 




Click on the picture below to access the pdf file on Fra Mauro Map

Download adobe reader  

Click on this link to access a post on Fra Maro map of mysterious hollow earth blog 





 Il mappamondo di Fra Mauro book

Description of the illustrations of the giant map 

by DA  D. PLACIDO ZURLA - 1806

Click on the book cover to access each text of the Fra Mauro map 


The texts of our interest are described in Capo Quinto

covering the four corners of the map

where are shown celestial, biblical and earth interpretations

 Click on the picture below to access each text of the Fra Mauro map four corners


 NB : Around the month of February 2015

the translation of Capo Quinto will be available in english...Hopefully

For the very first time on the web (i guess)



Click on the picture below to access the pdf file on Piri Reis Map

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 Click on the picture below to access the pdf file on Oronteus Finaeus  Map

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 Click on the picture below to access the pdf file on Gerardus Mercator  Map

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