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 Being a hollow earther used to be utter nonsense...nowadays still believing in the old earth model 

proves a complete lack of scientific education

Scientists are discovering unusual features and phenomenons deep within the crust. A simplistic description of Earth isn't valid anymore As of today (officially) there is no available technology that allows scientists and researchers to explore directly our planet's interior ; the deepest hole ever drilled , e Kola superdeep borehole in the Russian arctic, reaches only 0.2 percent the way to the center. The site was chosen meticulously for the fact that this part of the world  is a giant granit and mineral rocky substrate that has accumulated from very deep inside the earth 3 billions years ago. It's one of the oldest granit/mineral base on earth, The drilling started on the 24TH of May 1970 and lasted till' 1994 As a matter of fact, the best scientific map until the last two decades didn't look much better than your middle school textbook cartoon as displayed above meaning the earth comprised of an outer crust,an inner core and a thick layer called the mantle in between. 

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